About aima

aima Maximizes Your Application's Reach and Profitability.

Optimizing User Attraction

  • We Attract Users from Many Major Websites
  • Participating media have their own unique services. They run campaigns to attract and retain users.
  • User Invitation Function
  • Users can log in with OpenIDs so they don't need to register for the new service. Using OpenIDs lowers the psychological barriers of users. Utilizing the social graph each OpenID has also enables users to invite friends from other services and to diversify.
  • The More Media Companies Join the Platform, the More Users Flow in
  • Websites with a certain number of users are considering joining our platform and the number of users we can potentially reach will increase rapidly.
Optimizing User Attraction

We Try to Maximize the Profitability for Developers.

  • All Major Point Payment Websites Joined aima
  • Major point payment services with 1.2 million+ users participate. We monetize our service through the use of point payment as well.
  • Various Means to Pay
  • Users have several options to pay such as credit cards, e-money, payment via cell-phone service providers. We minimize the opportunity loss.
  • Ad Insertion at Good Rate
  • We help you monetize your application through advertising as well.
  • We Aggressively Seek Ways to Monetize
  • We continue to increase ways to monetize the applications and try to increase the revenue.
All Major Point Payment Websites Joined aima Various Means to Pay

Applications Benefit

  • Users from various web services interact in the applications.
  • Users log in from various media but they play on the single platform, which prompts active interaction.
  • All Participating Media Send their own Users with Different Attributes.
  • Many of our users originally come from our partners' online services or websites so their attributes are more diverse than those of other platforms' and we have broader reach.
  • We Drive Forward Joint Camaigns between Developers and Media
  • Developers execute special campaigns directly working with media companies to attract more users and make the application more profitable.
Users from various web services interact in the applications.


  • We support many screen sizes.
  • You can express your world-view with whatever the size of the screen to satisfy the users.
  • We are quite flexible about the application content. It doesn't have to be social or casual either.
  • We don't limit the application content as long as users can play it safely. For application regulations, click here.
  • Joint events with each participating media company are welcome.
  • You can plan events to activate users.